“She is amazing and entertaining. She scares me.
The audience loves her.""

Jonathon Brandmeier

Jorianne has been heard regularly on the following radio shows:

Radio shows in the Chicago area:

Other USA Cities Coast to Coast

Jorianne has also been on the air internationally in Canada and New Zealand as well as many other stations throughout North America.

If she is not featured on your favorite radio station, please let your station know that she is available in every city for a fun-filled and insightful addition to your morning coffee!

Quotes from those irrepressible DJs:

“People ask me – is she for real? I tell them that if she wasn’t, I would not have had her on our show for the last 5 years." Michael Moon, WQLH, STAR 98, in Green Bay, WI

“Jorianne is not only entertaining and scarily accurate but Binghamton loves her and the
phones go crazy when she’s on with us…she’s hot!”
  Louie G, Wild 104FM, Binghamton, NY

“Entertaining, fascinating and downright scary!”  Bill Barker and Joe Skare

“It’s like I have a built-in Guardian Angel….” E.J. of the "Nick and EJ in the Morning” Show, WYOY, 101.7FM, in Jackson, Mississippi

“We have had Jorianne on our Morning Show for over 3 years and she is truly amazing…Not only did she predict the fire in Chicago, she also predicted the blackout in New York.  Our listeners love her and our phones light up every time she’s on.”  Connie and Fish, WZEE, 104.1FM, Madison, WI

Newspaper Articles

“Forget your crystal ball.  Have a cup of coffee with Jorianne instead.” Chicago Tribune

“Seems like a normal woman – until she starts pouring cream into your coffee and taps into your vibes.” Inside Publications, Chicago

Jorianne has been featured in many newspapers, including:

Television Appearances

“You're scary!” -Sightings

Jorianne has been featured regularly for her coffee readings on TV Shows such as:

  • “Unexplained Mysteries”

  • “The Other Side”

  • “To Tell The Truth”

  • “Sightings” – where you can see her perform her paranormal investigations

  • “Your Psychic Destiny”

  • “Fox Thing in the Morning”

  • WGN-TV, Chicago

  • “The Steve Baskerville Show”

  • CLTV

  • “The Rob Linchart Show”

  • “The Metaphysical World” with Nancy Wallace

  • “The Secrets to Success” with Dr. Robert Crawford

  • “River West Flowing” with Bill Gadomski

  • “The Losers Club”

  • “The Friday Night Club”  

Charitable Events

Jorianne has contributed her psychic talents by participating in fund-raising events for :

  • American Heart Association

  • American Cancer Society

  • Epilepsy Foundation

Business Events

Jorianne has conducted business events for the following establishments:

  • Leven Pearlstein LLC

  • General Binding Corporation

  • Care Centers Incorporated

  • Health & Beauty Expo

Past Appearances


To see a complete list of shows Jorianne has been on, click here. (Coming soon!)


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