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What Is A Medium/Channel?
A channel is a psychic medium that allows their body and mind to be used as a mechanism for the etheric world intelligences to communicate with those who are here on earth. Channeling brings psychic information and healing energy to others by impressing thoughts upon the medium’s consciousness, which is spoken out loud using the medium’s own voice.

Jorianne has been doing channeling since 1987, and séances since 1995. She has also trained with James Van Praagh, the famous medium.

About Channeling
A channeling is where a well grounded psychic medium goes into a trance or
semi -trance state to make contact with your spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones. In order to pass their information and messages on to you for learning and healing, questions should be prepared in advance of the reading.

A channeling session usually lasts about an hour. At the beginning of the session a request can be made to those you love who are on the other side to come in. You can also send a request out to your spirit guides to come through as well. Channeling is a very personal and spiritual experience that can provide amazing insights that can help give you guidance and direction to major questions or obstacles in your life. The process can also provide you with a sense of peace with those who have recently crossed over.

In the channeling process, Jorianne goes into trance to make contact with your spirit guides, angels or deceased loved ones either seeing, hearing or sensing their presence. Many times her voice and/or face will change with the number of spirits that communicate through her during these sessions, indicating the change of spirit. Often these spirits use phrases or ways of speaking that you would actually recognize. Many times it appears Jorianne is given pieces of a puzzle that only you would understand.

REMEMBER: We truly never die! Our spirits live on long after our bodies cease to exist. We are not human beings having spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Here is Carole Nutley’s experience:
I had my first reading with Jorianne in October of 1999 at a house party. Prior to this house party I had not heard of Jorianne, although I had previously consulted with psychics at various times throughout my life. It is very common for people to seek out a psychic during times of emotional distress and that distress can be from various sources: the death of a loved one, inability to find a job, unsatisfactory love-life or maybe just a dissatisfaction with your personal life in general. There are times when people just want to contact a psychic to see “what’s up” in the near future – and certainly maybe just for the fun of it. In my case, I was desperately hurting from the loss of my fiancé who passed away suddenly, while he was jogging in May of 1999.

Since Larry’s death, I was a woman on a mission. I needed to find some answers to my “why” questions that were literally sucking the life out of me. “Why him? Why me? Why did this have to happen? Why did my life have to turn upside down when we were just getting it together? Why? Why? Why???” And for me, another crucial question was, “Why did this happen to me – again. Larry was the second time a boyfriend of mine died”.

During this search for answers I read many books, talked to many people, both priests and psychologists as well as friends and relatives. Thank goodness I have some wonderful friends and a loving sister, all who never let me down. But I needed to somehow figure out more definitive answers than “it was his time”, “one door closes and another one opens”, “he’s still with you”, etc. While I believe that these phrases are true, and the consolations worked for when they were with me, it was the time I was alone that was the most brutal and so the search had to continue.

Enter Jorianne. During the first reading at that house party she told me Larry was there and was, in fact, still with me and would always watch over me. But other information came through as well, such as my job/career and information about his kids.

After that reading I was even more intrigued and signed on for another reading – a personal one. It was at that reading that we started talking about life, reincarnation, past life regression and channeling, and I became fascinated as well as engrossed in the possibilities that one of these methods could provide more answers and information so that I may heal my pain through understanding.

I had my first channeling session with Jorianne in December, 2000. This was the first time I had ever had a channeling session, and we talked about how it worked, possible outcomes, etc., so that I felt very comfortable with the process. The whole session lasted approximately an hour and ten minutes or so and I still remember it vividly. As she says in the Channeling section above, she goes into a trance state – and you can actually see it. It is quite an amazing process to witness. Her facial expressions change, as well as her voice, which is all dependent on each particular spirit that comes through. During my first session I believe there were 4 different spirits, and they each came through to talk about a different person or part of my life.

My main reason for the channeling was to experience any message or explanation regarding Larry’s death – something to provide me with an understanding – and boy did I receive it! Without getting too personal, the first spirit let me know that he was OK, in other words his transition was good. In addition to letting me know that he loved me and even missed me, there were elements that came through that Jorianne would not have known – elements that to me clearly came from Larry. One example was the message to “take care of your car; wash your car”. This put a smile on my face because Larry was a car buff – he loved cars. We had just spent over a year looking for a new car for me and I had just received it the month he died.

What came through for the understanding was the personal messages and information that the spirits spoke. Their messages left no doubt in my mind that we are truly here on this planet time and time again – and that we often reincarnate with people whom we have been with before in other lifetimes. I knew from this session that Larry and I had been together before and would certainly be together again. It doesn’t completely take the pain away, but the channeling provided me with a method of understanding that sent me on my way to heal. And that is what I needed, since I am still here with work to do.

From the positive experience of the channeling, I have gone on to have several past-life regressions – which again provided me with insight and healing that I could not have gotten anywhere else. Each experience has only enlightened and strengthened my spirit to move forward and accomplish all that I came here to do.

Jorianne tapes the channeling and past life sessions. This is so beneficial because I’ve been able to listen to them over and over. Even now, almost 5 years later, there are times I find myself drawn to a tape and it now gives me comfort to see how far I have come and I can appreciate the healing journey I have taken. I now have some explanation as to why Larry died. His death led me on a journey to discover parts of my self that needed attention and healing. His death led me on my journey to discover the spiritual side of life; not religion, but the spiritual side of why I am here. His death has led to a rebirth of my life and I can't wait to see him again and thank him for his courage in leaving so that I would find courage to continue positively with my life and make a difference.

So if you’re looking for answers, make peace, or heal experiences in your past, call Jorianne today to set up your channeling session, 219-940-9292 or jorianne1@coffeepsychic.com.

The price for this spiritual experience is $450.00, which can be shared with up to 3 people and can be done in person or by phone.

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