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Coffee Readings

Coffee readings may be conducted for an individual or group, i.e. House Parties or Corporate Events.  Coffee readings can be done in person, over the phone, or over Skype. What are these “coffee readings,” and how can they benefit you?

Coffee Readings are psychic readings done by using a cup of coffee as though it were a crystal ball. The coffee is used as the medium by which the reader accesses information psychically by scrying (gazing) into the hot beverage for the purpose of foretelling the future. Other forms of coffee readings have been done over the centuries to predict events in peoples’ lives, such as the Turkish and Greek methods. In these forms of coffee readings the seeker is requested to sip or drink the hot liquid while relaxing. Whatever has not been consumed is poured off. The sediments that are left at the bottom of the cup are then turned over onto a saucer, thus forming a picture and are then interpreted by the reader.
Jorianne reading the coffee

In Jorianne’s FAMOUS Coffee Readings, Jorianne uses a regular cup of steaming hot coffee. She starts out with looking at what appears on the insides of the coffee cup, just after the coffee has been poured, to see if any images have fallen on the cup itself. She then analyzes the steam and the bubbles as they appear on the top of the brew – and – last but not least, she starts her longer process of pouring in the cream (and it MUST be ”REAL half and half,” she says) to see what images form.

These images give her information about your past, present, and future. Jorianne has found that her readings manifest between an 80-90% level of accuracy with this method of reading. She asks for and welcomes your feedback and has received feedback anywhere from one hour up to 15 years after a reading.

What makes Jorianne’s form of coffee reading different from other psychics? The images in the coffee don’t just appear to Jorianne – anyone can see the images as they appear in the coffee. But she’ll show you - if the reading is done in person - just what she sees. Also, in Jorianne’s coffee readings the psychic information is constantly changing. It’s not like “just a photograph” as in the other forms of coffee readings, but rather it’s like a motion picture. The cream flows continuously, allowing Jorianne to see letters, numbers, body parts, faces, images, everything! If any information is missed the first time, the information will come up again. The more cream she pours in, the more information rises up for interpretation, then down it spirals and up yet again for more.

Not only does Jorianne offer her FAMOUS Coffee Readings, but when she does her readings she also like to integrate the use of the Tarot Cards. In addition, Jorianne also accesses information from the person’s aura. The aura is the energy field around our bodies. And last but not least, she can also tap into information of family, friends, and sweethearts, dead or alive, as she is also a transmedium. Sometimes they will just appear in the room with you during the reading. And many people like to bring photographs. Jorianne feels that by using several different types of divination she is able to offer a clearer and more detailed reading for her clients.

During Jorianne’s coffee readings other events may happen as well. For example, ‘spirit’ may literally “jump right in” and start speaking through her when she is in the middle of giving out information. This is called “channeled” information from the Higher Spirits – what those in the psychic field would call “higher world intelligences” or your Spirit Guides. This is why Jorianne strongly encourages that all of her readings are tape-recorded; she can never tell from one moment to the next just what she’s going to say or who’s going to pop in! Over the years, Jorianne has captured spirit voices on tape; these are called Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP.

Jorianne was shown how to do this method of coffee reading ONLY ONCE, over 25 years ago, and has developed it to the high level that is today. This was her first and is still today her MAJOR FORM OF DIVINATION and that is why she is called, Jorianne “The Coffee Psychic”!

Questions on love, career, finances, relationships, investments and much more can ALL be answered by simply having a cup of coffee with Jorianne.

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Tarot cards
The Tarot

The tarot is a complete and powerful system of psychic communication in picture form. It is used to divine information psychically by telling stories or giving answers to questions based on the interpretation of the symbols, images, words and numbers found on the cards. The tarot cards, 78 in all, deal with every facet of human existence. Their origin is truly unknown but dates back for centuries. Just one shuffle of the deck and voila! The truth is known. Jorianne also uses this method in her house parties and coffee readings.

For more information on having a unique and unforgettable house party for your family and friends, click here.

The Aura

The aura is an invisible electromagnetic energy field completely surrounding the physical bodies of humans, plants and animals. By gazing into the human aura one can detect energy blocks and vibrations that can prevent the normal flow of one’s energy.
Aura photo of two people

Jorianne can also see many times into the aura and see information manifesting around the person’s body. She’s also able to “FEEL” within her own body the physical ailments that are or will occur of the person whom she’s reading. Many times Jorianne sees through someone’s body – “like X-Ray vision” says Jorianne– seeing the joints, muscles and bones. This ability helps to see illnesses and injuries of past, present and those yet to come.

Here’s one of Jorianne’s personal stories: Just recently, I was reading a lady client and I felt underneath my breasts like they had been cut. I asked the client, what was going on, that it felt like her breasts had been cut down here. The client replied, “Oh yes, Jorianne. The last time I saw you, you told me I had breast lumps and you told me to get to the doctor’s right away. I did. And that is where they just cut the lumps out of me.”
As Jorianne says, “to be forewarned is to be forarmed”. She can provide information that we can use to assist us in being healthy. Jorianne strongly encourages people, whenever she sees anything health-related appear, to please handle it as soon as possible.

There has been much feedback over the years from people who have had medical conditions they weren’t even aware they had.

Jorianne also offers a service of aura clearing and chakra balancing.

Photograph Readings

Picture of woman
Jorianne can also read people and animals from photographs. This is called “Photographology”. It’s the process of looking at the person in the picture or feeling the photograph – as Jorianne does – to perceive information psychically about that person’s past, present and future. Photo readings can also bring to the surface a person’s state of health, personal traits, traumas, etc. Pictures of family, friends or sweethearts, DEAD or ALIVE are welcomed. If photos are not available, Jorianne can still tap into the vibration by using the person’s name.

Cat photo Many times people bring pictures of their children, spouses, and Jorianne offers a full remote reading on the person as if they were right in the room! Discretion is always used in order to not invade anyone’s privacy. Don’t worry, she’s not gonna tell on you!

Jorianne used to find it very interesting when the tribes of Africa were scared of the photograph, feeling that their spiritual energy was trapped in the photograph. Modern westerners laughed at the idea. However, she feels there is something to it when you can literally hold the image of somebody and be in communication with them.

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Channeled Readings

Woman with spirits around her
During a reading Jorianne can not only ‘see’, but hear and communicate with your dead relatives and friends. This process is called mediumship/channeling. Jorianne is also a trans- medium and offers individual sessions where she goes into a trance-like state and makes contact with those close to you who have passed on to the other side.

Jorianne offers a full entire channeled session with your dead relatives, Spirit Guides, Angels and the Masters. For more information on channeling click here.

During one séance, where Jorianne channeled the spirits for the guests, one woman’s mother came through. Normally Jorianne’s body is stationary and does not move as everyone holds hands, but suddenly she was pulling up her bra straps as if they were falling and pulling up her pants as if they too were falling. The woman later said, “Oh my god, Jorianne, that is so funny. My mother was so small that she could not keep her clothes up. She used to pull up her bra straps and pants all the time.”

Later on in the same woman’s reading, Jorianne mentioned how she looked just like her mother. And the woman responded, “No, Jorianne, I was adopted and I look nothing like my mother”. The dead mother pointed her finger sharply at the woman and said “Don’t you give her a hard time!” in a harsh voice. And the woman almost fell off her chair and said laughing, “Now that was my mother.” So she knew it was her mother contacting her.

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