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I have had several readings with you over the past several years, but in the last three you kept asking me about St. Clair. You did not know who St. Clair was, but saw it connected to me. You repeated this over a period of about 2 and half years.

I found myself in a very difficult situation which involved my real estate office building. You told me it would end successfully, but you could not see how. You also once again stated ‘I see St. Clair around you somehow.’

I decided to create an LLC named St. Clair and when the situation settled to place all my real estate in the LLC for safe keeping. I did this two weeks before the situation came to an end in my favor.

My building is now owned by St. Clair… who after investigation I found out is the patron saint of real estate. Thank you -- you’re the best!

Donna C.

Several times during my reading you mentioned a big white bird being killed. After I arrived home, my large white rooster was dead...attacked by a red tail hawk! Several other events have also come to be which yoh predicted. And they want to cut MORE of trees also as you stated! So cool!

Thank you,


I just re-listened to my reading. Thank you so much for the insight and validation of your reading. Some of the things you felt strongly about made much more sense after listening again. You said that I was creative which is very true, I am always creating. The writing a book really stumped me until I went to gratitude journal this morning and the lightbulb went off. I have for much of my adult life believed we create our universe but we must be grateful for what we have. So I gratitude journal several times a week with the goal of doing it daily. On the next page I give thanks for what I want as if it has already happened. My husband is a sceptic of psychics, but extremely supportive of my beliefs.

I was a little reserved during the reading (this was my first) however I can’t imagine the reading I received from you making sense or being for anyone else except me. I do my own oracle card readings and yours matched mine in many ways, yours was much more in-depth as I just pull one card a day. Thank you for sharing your authentic self with this universe. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I am forever grateful. I will definitely call for another reading in the future. Have a wonderful day.

Sarah C.

Jorianne is professional, yet personal, certainly worthwhile.

Rose T.

Jorianne is very talented and perceptive. Love visiting her!

Char Z.

Amazing experiance!

Lasandre P.

I love my yearly visits with Jorianne! She has always been 100% correct about what she sees when doing my readings. I tell all my friends about her and she is such a sweetheart! Can't wait to see you next year!

Elizabeth K.

Jorianne is wonderful. I highly recommend!

Janet F.

One of the first things you said to me was "Is there someone in a wheel chair?" I went psychically-dense and couldn't think of anyone. This morning, it came to me. I think it was my dead dad. Last years of his life he was in a wheel chair. I really liked him a lot, and I do miss knowing he was around. He was a good soul.

You also mentioned fire in my hands, or holding fire. I think that is part of a past thing. I do think I was a conjurer (don't know exactly what that means) of some sort. . .and even might be now. I do have dreams of standing in front of a group of people (I even see the white robes), hands up over my head with a ball of light glowing in the middle of them. I often feel warm energy in the middle of my palms now. (Of course, I also feel I was a persecuted witch. . .but I was a strong one. Pissed a lot of men off. :-))

I just wanted you to know you were on target with the wheel chair.

Thank you for your caring and your words. God continue to bless your gifts of helping people.

Hugs, Deb

Have been visiting with Jorianne for years. She is right on point. She is uncanny how accurate she is. Highly recommend Jorianne.

Laura S.

She is spot on. Can't wait to have a house party!

JoAnne B.

She is simply amazing. Very personalable..fun, friendly. Its a great experiance.

Paul N.

I could have sent you a testimonial the next day... . You spoke of lawyers...next day I got a letter from social security they may try to stop my disability because I worked two weeks over the grace period given to those who go back to work. If that happens I need to appeal with a lawyer.

I just loaned my PA system to community center next door. They told me if I have dance classes there I will need to get insurance.

The day after I spoke with you, my client ended up in hospital. I became quite an advocate of her for poor health care there. Her best friend who I got to know is a lawyer.

You told me to say nothing about the pit bull in apt building. I saw ANOTHER tenant sneaking in a massive one besides the one I already complained about. I almost said something... til I heard you say on the recording to stay quiet.


My name is Dawn you did a reading for me about a year ago in Jan. We had a 60th party for one of my - aunts D.R., Not sure you will recall.

Anyways, I was on the fence that day about getting a reading. I ended up getting one, you said something that has stuck with me. Actually you were very admit about it. You told me I was going to meet a man, you seen a bridge in the city of Chicago and something about Washington St.

Well it turns out I did meet that man!!! I thought of you instantly, and wanted to share.


She is spot on. Not only is she great at what she does, she makes you feel comfortable and has a great personality. I trust her fully. I was pleased with all three of my readings. I have been going to her for several years. I get a reading about every two years.

Michelle T.

Jorianne, In October you did a reading and said someone was gonna need extensive dental work. I just realized not 1 but 2 people I know in the past month are getting very extensive work done. Once in a while I go over your reading recordings and a lot of things fit later on.


Jorianne is the real deal! She is genuine and so wonderful to speak with, but most importantly she is amazing at what she does. I have spoken to her three times and I can tell you about some of her predictions below. If you are open-minded and looking for guidance in any part of your life, I highly recommend giving her a call. If you care to read about predictions she has made for me.....continue reading.

The examples below are a bit personal, but I feel that it is important to share because it is evident that she is truly psychic and can be very helpful to you!

1) Personal Health: I had an OBGYN appt and was told that I may have cervical cancer. I did not tell anyone because I was still in shock/scared. I called Jorie, the evening that I found out as I was looking for guidance, the first thing she said to me was something is wrong with your uterus, please go to the OBGYN immediately,it will most likely be ok but you need to follow up. My stomach dropped when she told me this because I did not tell anyone about this issue. It turned out that after a small procedure, I was fine.

2) Car problems: She told me that I would not be able to use my car for the next week as it needed to go to the shop and I would be lucky if I could even drive my car. I definitely thought she was wrong because I just drove my brand new car one hour before I spoke with her and my car was fine. The next morning I woke up at 6am and both of my tires were flat and red lights were blinking on my car once I turned it on. I slowly drove it to the shop and found out that not only were my tires flat, but my brakes had a defect and needed to be replaced. My car was in the shop for one week!

3) Sick Mom: Jorie asked me if my mom was still alive and I was terrified. She said just call your mom, make sure she continues to take her heart medicine, and she should be ok. (How did Jorie know my mom took heart medication?). I called my mom and dad and asked if everything was ok and asked my mom how she was feeling. She said fine and I got off the phone. My dad called me the next day to let me know that my mom was not fine, but did not want to inform her children yet that she had problems with her heart and would be having heart surgery. My mom ended up having heart surgery this past December and is now feeling better as she commits to taking her medication daily.

4) Political Involvement: Jorie told me that I was going to start working with Global Ambassadors. I was not even involved in politics in any way and thought she was definitely wrong. 6 months after speaking with Jorie, I was in Washington DC for work and an old friend called me and asked me to participate in a conference that hosted Ambassadors from all over the world to talk about political issues. The conference just happened to be in Washington the week I was in town, so I attended. To this day, I keep in touch with some of these political figures and we share insights/recommendations on how we can improve social issues by thinking global and acting local.

Kate J.
5 stars via Yelp


Jorianne is the real thing. She truly is gifted. I'm so grateful to have been able to have a reading with her. A few days/2weeks from my reading several things she has predicated have come true. She mentioned possibly car trouble coming my way, and two days later my car broke down in the middle of an intersection requiring a tow, lucky for me though I ended up not needing any repairs.(strange I know). As a result I've decided to get a new car this year. There are many more examples, which are a bit complicated and personnel to go into on here. I will say this though, she has given me peace of mind and hope in my future. Jorianne's style of delivery is also very compassionate and kind. Forever grateful for this reading, and the help she gave me. I'm looking forward to the other predictions and overall my path moving forward. God Bless. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Brooke L.

Hi Jorianne, You performed an exorcism for my boyfriend. At the time, he was constantly negative, full of rage, a very angry individual. He became depressed at times and had terrible mood swings. I couldn't understand how or why, he was acting so different. A part of me did not recognize him anymore and I knew he wasn't himself. As much as his family and I tried to help, nothing seemed to work. After the exorcism was performed by you, I checked on him each week. Each week that passed by, he seemed to be changing and the anger disappeared. His thoughts became more and more positive. He became forgiving and more at peace with his life. Now things are in harmony with him and our relationship. Each passing week, it gets better and I know that he is healing. He had a total transformation and is still transforming into a more peaceful and loving individual. Thank you Jorianne for your constant love and support.

Blessings, Delia

During my last reading you said my career would take off to new heights...it did and I can hardly hold on. Just got back from a all expense paid vacation on the East Coast where I accompanied a very ill client to a wedding. While there I was offered a lucretative opportunity to care for another one. I've also been hearing from many old friends as you said and was able to contact my one DEAR friend who'd gone missing out of the blue over 10 years ago.

Thanks for being there Jori, LIFE is much nicer with you around.

Arnita R.

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