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What is a Paranormal Investigation and Why Might it be Needed?

An investigation is an experience that is requested from a homeowner or business owner to professional psychic or transmedium to explain and identify unexplained occurrences, such as sounds, sights, knocking, orbs on photographs, and smells. Other occurrences include, nightmares, cold spots, feeling phantom fingers on the hair or person. As a professional psychic, Jorianne is able to sense those who have left this world and communicate with them to determine their intention.

During an investigation, her intention would be to come in and let you know the origin of your disturbances – be they positive or negative. For example, one investigation Jorianne did when a gentleman called her. He explained that the gas was turned on when he came home from work. I told him it might be the kids, he replied, they didn’t have kids. She asked when it all started, he said, when he had bumped the cross that was hanging on the wall. Afterwards, he and his wife heard footsteps through out the house, knocking on the walls, and other happenings. When he came home to find the gas on, it was the last straw for him. He called Jorianne immediately. Jorianne, who worked with her daughter Terry, went to the home and started the process of detection.

The most memorable part of the investigation was when she was walking up the stairs and she clearly heard a man in a harsh voice state, “You can NOT make me leave”. After further communication with the entity and much work, they were able to resolve the haunting. The family was able to finally find peace within their home again.

As an epiphany, Jorianne realized that when the cross shattered, it broke the protection that it had been providing to the family.

Many times when someone dies, they do not automatically ‘crossover’ into the heavenly realms, for one reason or another. There are many that decide to stay behind and become what we call “earth-bound” or “discarnant entities”. These recently passed-on spirits are confused, lost or feel that they have some unfinished business to take care of and many times will go back to a familiar place. Some of them have not even realized they have died. For example, someone who has recently died while heavily drugged by pain killers like those who have cancer may not realized the have died. Then there’s those who makes it home after a heavy night of partying and fall asleep at the wheel. To their shock, they wake up dead after accidentally asphyxiating themselves. These are not intentional suicides.

As an example of an investigation, one gentleman called Jorianne after moving into a town home with his fiancé. He reported that shortly after moving into the town home, he had fallen into such a deep depression, he wanted to kill himself. He had gotten so bad, even his fiancé left him. Upon arriving at the town home, Jorianne immediately detected that three previous residents had already committed suicide on the location and were spiritually influencing him to do the same.

After detecting the three previous suicides, the gentleman confirmed he had knowledge of two. One of the suicide victims even went out in the back yard and spread out newspapers to lie on so no one else had to clean up the mess of his death.

Jorianne performed a house clearing and a clearing on the gentleman who started to feel better, but he still chose to move out of his location due to the history of the house.

Many people blow these occurrences off, thinking they are nothing more than an over active imagination or trick of the mind. However, when the occurrences escalate to point where they are constantly inducing fear (Coming soon: Happenings & George’s story)

The reason they need an investigation is because they have uninvited guests. Who are these guests?

The normal process is that when one drops their physical body, and transits to the spiritual world, they normally ascend to the heavenly planes in which they make a full transition. The difference here is that once a person makes their full transition, they can then come back to watch over their loved ones and friends, bring messages, and visit you in your dreams. These people do not need to be cleared or exorcised since they do not linger – they are completely free to come and go as they wish. They normally do not stay too long.

However, those in the earlier instance are souls who are trapped and have no idea how to get to where they need to go on the other side, like in the movie ‘Ghost’.

Some of these phenomena should not be confused with the more “natural” feelings that feel from our loved ones are still around us. As our relatives and close friends pass on, they do indeed watch over us – and often we can sense their presence. This type of communication is positive. There is a difference.

Remember, not every occurrence is a negative experience. For instance, when Jorianne’s daughter Terry was a little girl, she was extremely affected by the song, Last Kiss which is about a sweetheart who gets killed in a car accident. Whenever Terry heard this song, she would break down in heart wrenching, grief-stricken sobs. As a mom, Jorianne could only console her daughter with the placid words, “It’s only a song, honey”.

Fast forward a few years - the song comes true. As an adult, Terry’s fiancée, Mark, was killed in a truck accident.

After his death, Terry found tickets to the show, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Terry decided to see the show anyway and invited her mom. Terry’s hair was pulled up into a tight elegant chignon – not a hair was out of place. Terry and Jorianne reminisced about Mark and how he would have loved to have been there. They felt Mark’s presence at throughout the entire show with them. Throughout the show, Teri felt as if someone was touching the back of her neck. At intermission break when they went to the restroom, they discovered a portion of Terry’s hair had been pulled from her chignon and was left hanging down her back. Terry believed this was a loving gesture from Mark to let her know he was with her.

Life is for the living, we all have things to accomplish here and lessons to learn but so do the dead! It is not a healthy thing for those who have crossed over to be caught here on the earth plane when there are things these spirits are supposed to be doing on the other side – such as pursuing more spiritual growth. Getting stuck not only limits their spiritual growth, but can eventually create more problems than what people realize for those friends and relatives still here on earth.

At one house party, a lady came in asking about her sister in law who she never knew personally since she married into the family after the sister-in-law’s death. During the reading, Jorianne described the woman as a biker babe, and the vocabulary she used during the spirit communication proved it. Jorianne picked up during the reading that her boyfriend murdered her. The thing that made this interesting is that while the other women were in the kitchen waiting for their readings, they had heard scuffling as though people were wrestling and a woman’s voice yelling out, “No…mom…HELP!”. It was so loud that all the women came to listen at the bedroom door to find out what was going on. While reading this woman, the spirit stated that she wanted her boyfriend in jail. Jorianne knew nothing about this case and later found out the boyfriend was being arraigned for murder. This was one spirit that chose to stay so her death was avenged.

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Cemetery Walk Photo Cemetery Walk Photo

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Hauntings typically occur with earth bound spirits. The spirits will often attach themselves to any person or thing that feels secure to them; so not only can homes be haunted, but people, places and objects can as well.

There are many famous haunted places around the United States. You can tell these places are haunted just by walking through them. For example, a place can often become haunted when a murder occurred there – such as in a forest preserve, at a house or by the lake. Jorianne can guarantee that if you are in one of these particular locations, you will become engulfed with fear and won’t stay there for very long! This would occur only if there are negative entities lurking around. This kind of experience can make your hair stand on end.

Individuals can also be haunted. Jorianne has come across many cases where people have reported being personally haunted or harassed by an unwelcome, invisible intruder. They claim that no matter where or how many times they move, their poltergeist continues to harass them. This may be a dark or demonic entity. It all depends on the severity of the situation.

Another type of haunting can occur with inanimate objects, such as furniture, an appliance or a favorite thing - like a picture frame or vase or toys. Many times people will go to an antique store, resale shop or an estate sale and purchase an item without knowing that a spirit has attached itself to the piece. After a while, the new owner will begin to notice “weird” things happening. This is often the result of a wandering spirit “attaching” itself to the material plane and staying earthbound. This is also a good reason, whenever purchasing an item from one of the above places, that a clearing is done around the piece, to eliminate any energies from either the previous owner(s) or an attached spirit.

Jorianne can assist in identifying the attached spirit, as well as in performing the ritual to detach the spirit and send it on its way to a spiritual plane. There are many different kinds of hauntings that have been reported and recorded though the years.

See also Exorcisms, Depossessions and House Clearings for additional information. To make an appointment for your own investigation, call 219-940-9292.

If you are looking for any good movies to view on this subject, try these:
“Poltergeist” “The 6th Sense” “The Mothman Prophecies”
“Ghost” “Stir of Echoes” “Dead Again”
For kids, “Spirited Away” is a good movie to see.

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Ouija Board

This is a board game that has letters, numbers and the words Yes and No. The game is played by 2 or more people. The Ouija Board can be a dangerous tool when used by those who are untrained or unprotected - opening doors (vortexes) into the lower astral planes, allowing unwanted visitors to come and go as they please – AND THEY DO! The “door” that is opened by the untrained must be closed by a trained professional psychic. These spirits can really create chaos in not only your home but they can also become attachments, which can lead to mental and emotional problems for the living.

During a paranormal investigation, Jorianne determines exactly what the source of the disturbance is. She makes contact with the lost or unsettled spirit(s) in order to attain as much information as possible. This aids her in the process of clearing the disturbing spirit and eliminating any possible reattachment of the spirit that was brought in through the Ouija board.

Often Jorianne will want to video tape any haunted locations for research purposes in the attempt to catch any psychic or spiritual energy on film. This is also how spirit photographs are captured.

Ouji Board image

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Spirit Photographs - Please see Jorianne's Spirit Photograph Gallery

During many of Jorianne’s investigations, she has come across some very unusual photographs showing many anomalies. Some pictures actually have faces, streaks of light that have appeared over a specific location where only a short time before a person has died. Two photos of the same streaking light were caught in a house during the same photo shoot, but in different rooms.

Jorianne has pictures of ectoplasm captured on film. Ectoplasm is a stringy substance that hangs in the air usually from the ceiling. The woman home where this was captured had reported a negative presence emanating from her bedroom closet.

Check your photos – is there someone that you knew trying to show themselves??

In addition to photos, Jorianne has also captured spirit voices on tape! This happens often in séances – and makes the séance experience even more spiritual and enjoyable.

For more information or for anyone who has questionable blurs or glares in their photographs, please contact Jorianne. You can also send in your photograph for an analysis.

Click on Spirit Photograph Gallery to view more pictures of these interesting and fascinating phenomena!

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