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What is a Past Life Regression?

Have you ever lived before? That is a question people have been asking for eons. The answer is based on the theory of reincarnation.

To be reincarnated means that the soul does not die with the body, but rather moves onto another plane in the etheric world where after a period of time it is then reborn back into the earth plane. The earth plane, where we are all living now, is the school we attend over and over to learn our lessons and to spiritually evolve our souls. It is believed that we cannot or do not attain spiritual perfection in one life so therefore it required many cycles of experimental learning back on earth. Each time we are born, we develop a new personality, but we are still the same soul. It is like changing your coat. We are born into different periods of history, different cultures and even the opposite sex! All for the purpose of meeting different challenges with the explicit purpose of eventually achieving our soul’s perfection.

Once perfected, the soul no longer needs to return to the earth school and therefore evolves onto a higher plane of existence. However, during our earth lives we often die without having resolved the lessons we came to learn, so we must return to relive the lesson and hopefully learn it this time. Sometimes it takes many lifetimes to learn one lesson! According to Edgar Cayce, one of the most renowned and respected psychics of modern times, Jesus Christ’s first incarnation was that of Adam!

During a past life regression, Jorianne, a trained hypnotherapist, will guide you into a relaxed state where you are able to retrieve information from your own unconscious mind regarding your past lives. Not all lives are full of challenges and lessons. Many times people come back just for fun or to help and guide others on their path. So sit back and watch quietly in your own mind’s eye as Jorianne gently guides you back through the pages of time to discover :

Who were you in past lives? What periods of history have you lived?

Why did you choose those lifetimes and the choices you made? What did you learn?

Where did the phobias you have today come from?

What lessons did you come into this lifetime to learn?

The role your current friends, family and lovers play in this lifetime…what are you to learn from them, and what are they learning from you? Have you been with them in previous lifetimes?

Did you ever have someone in your life that you just don’t get along with, or has hurt you badly? Perhaps there’s a karmic reason for encountering them in this lifetime…discover what that lesson is and how to learn from them and move on.

Finally, you can discover your Soul’s Purpose. This is one of the most important areas to learn about; because if we die and do not achieve our main reason for coming back, we’ll have to do it all over again!

Past Life Regression will provide insights, comfort and/or other valuable information that can assist you in your spiritual growth during this current lifetime.

Jorianne wasn’t sure if she believed in past lives until she herself was guided into a hypnotic state. Jorianne found herself to be floating in her mind while information was suddenly popping into her awareness about who she once was and where she once lived. This experience was very unfamiliar to Jorianne and she was amazed at the stories that were coming to her.

In one past lifetime, she found she had been a school teacher by the name of Marcie Caliber who lived in Williamsburg, VA as an adult. Later she would become a librarian. As Marcie, she had two loving brothers she left behind when she was sent away by her father. She also knew there was no mother in the home. And the relationship between her and her father was very turbulent which was why she was sent away.

In this current lifetime, knowing she would soon travel though that part of the United States, Jorianne went back for another hypnosis session. Searching for more information, she found that she, Marcie, was born in Williamsburg, PA. When that information came to her, Jorianne thought she must be crazy. Knowing nothing about geography, Jorianne thought she was getting it all wrong. Later, to her surprise, she discovered there are two Williamsburg’s, one in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania!

In her current life, when Jorianne was getting ready to cross the country on her road trip, she was all excited, happy, and impatient to get there. She couldn’t wait, not knowing what she would discover. As she drove across the border to the state of Pennsylvania, for no apparent reason, she suddenly became instantly angry. In her head she heard the words, “I PROMISED I’D NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN!” and the thought, “But here I am, a lifetime away”. Jorianne had to ask herself why she would have such a strong reaction in one moment, when in the previous moment she was excited and couldn’t wait to get there. It just didn’t make sense. Also, earlier in this lifetime, not knowing anything about the state of Pennsylvania, Jorianne had always thought of Pennsylvania as a backwards state – nothing but hillbillies.

In another regression, Jorianne was instructed to look down at her feet. She suddenly saw a small pair of black feet on a pier. Within minutes, she found herself as a beautiful little black boy whose mammy worked as a cook on a plantation which indicates a lifetime of slavery. Jorianne saw that she had a wonderful friendship with the plantation owner’s daughter who was teaching him how to read in secret. When their secret was discovered, she, as the little boy, remembers hiding behind her mammy’s apron saying “We’s be in biiig trouble, BIG trouble”.

Suddenly, while in trance, Jorianne started to cry. When asked, Jorianne responded with the accent of the little black boy from the mid 1800’s and answered he was scared, “They’re taking me away”. When the hypnotherapist asked to where, the little boy responded, “To the horseshoe repairs barn”, something an uneducated little boy might say, not knowing the correct word would be blacksmith. She remembers clearly being dragged into the horseshoe repairs barn and having his little hands forced and held down on an anvil. She remembers clearly seeing a sledgehammer come crashing down on his folded hands. The last thing she remembers is the great big ruby red ring on the hand of the man who held the sledgehammer. OUCH – now where did all that come from?

And still in another regression, one would think if one’s ego had its way and if we were making all this up, that we would see ourselves in a higher station in life. Not so with this next regression. This time, Jorianne found herself as a young teenage boy cleaning up the horse poop for the Egyptian army. Jorianne discovered that she was passing on secret information and was caught by the Egyptian royal guards. The thing that totally confused Jorianne was that in describing being dragged away, she saw that the streets were very narrow, like ally ways and that the buildings were very tall brick or stone walls with no breaks between. All she could see was doorways and windows. She completely believed she was making things up; she wasn’t sure what to believe. After describing her regression to a friend, she was informed that some of the streets in Egypt look exactly like how she described it. In that lifetime, when she was brought before the King as a traitor and spy, Jorianne’s hands and feet were severed as punishment and was left to slowly bleed to death.

Throughout her life, Jorianne often wondered “Where did beliefs, behaviors, and feelings originate from?” not believing that they came from this current lifetime because it just didn’t make sense. But after viewing her many past lives, things all fell into place. In this life time, Jorianne has had arthritis in her hands only (i.e. having her hands smashed with sledgehammer, i.e. being cut off?), and her feet occasionally swell up (i.e. being severed?). When she was younger, she refused and sometimes hated to physically pick up a book. She wished she could lay her head on the book and absorb the information from the books, she didn’t know why. She used to fantasize she could invent a mechanism that would hold the book open for her so she wouldn’t have to touch the book. NOW WHERE DID THAT CRAZY THINKING COME FROM? At the same time, Jorianne is an avid collector of books on the occult & secret knowledge.

So looking at the pattern of her previous lives, Jorianne found eerie similarities between being a messenger of secret knowledge and ending up with fatal consequences. So what do you think – sound like a pattern?

Remember, every person is unique so not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis.

To make an appointment for a Past Life Regression and discover insight into your own life, call Jorianne at 219-940-9292 or email at jorianne1@coffeepsychic.com.

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