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Jorianne is the best. Her readings have always been helpful and informative. I recently asked Jorianne for help regarding my lost dog, she was able to tell me that my dog was safe and my dog would be home that night. She was right. Her answers gave me peace of mind. I would recommend Jorianne for any unanswered questions. Thank you Jorianne, bless you.


Have been "visiting" with Jorianne for years. She is right on point. She is uncanny how accurate she is. Highly recommend Jorianne.

Laura S.
Nov 10, 2016

She is spot on. Can't wait to have a house party!

JoAnne B.
Jul 7, 2016

She is simply amazing. Very personalable..fun, friendly. Its a great experiance.

Paul N.
Jun 25, 2016


I called in Oct to speak with Jorianne about when I would find the love of my life...she said Jan Feb or Mar...she said his name was John or Joe....she said that he was in law enforcement...In late Jan I met John on a facebook page,,,we started talking and everytime we planned a meeting Michigan weather prevented it. But on Feb 13th we finally met and it was absolutely amazing!!!!!! It was like we were destin all along. He is an law enforcement officer...it was love at first sight and I could not be happier!!!! Thank you Jorianne, Connie and Curtis you made my life with 1 phone call!!!!
Thank You Sincerely Terri


Good afternoon Jorianne, 

My name is Dana F and I attending a party Friday night and you gave me info on a friend who passed from suicide... Amy. I was asked to pass the info on to her mother and I did as soon as I got in the car to head back home. Her mother was actually at a concert that her daughter Amy bought her tickets for and while she was there she turned to her granddaughter and said I wish I got a sign from Amy. She said as soon as she said it not even 5 seconds later she received the text message from me saying" I have a message for you from Amy."

Everything you told me I passed to her mother, and she was blown away. A necklace was mentioned that Amy was happy her mother had. Annie ( Amy's mom) laughed so hard. A few days after Amy passed Annie was at Walmart getting a few things and she passed the jewelry counter and a necklace stood out to her... Annie is not one to wear jewelry but this necklace was just something she felt she needed. It was a heart shaped necklace that said I love mom. So she bought it thinking of her daughter. Annie and I spoke for an hour on the phone and she felt peace. 

I have to say I feel at peace myself and very happy I could pass that on to her. I was meant to be at that party to have a experience to bring some joy to another's life. What you are gifted with is truly a blessing. You not only gave peace to Annie but to myself with my husband Gregg. Knowing that he is with us and approves of how I'm handling things took a great weight off my shoulders and that when he feels I'm ready he will send me someone who he feels will be perfect for our family. Lol I'll keep my eyes open for the man named Bill! I don't think we meet anyone by chance, that every single soul is meant to cross our path for a reason. Not only are you a wonderful warm friendly soul, you changed lives. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and if you ever make it to the valpo area you will always have a friend in me. :) Take care and have a blessed Sunday!


Jorianne, it is a pleasure to provide the following testimonials regarding my experiences with you.

In the early 90's, I attended a house party hosted by a co-worker where Jorianne the Coffee Psychic appeared. Each guest was told to bring 5 pictures of people close to them, and to expect a 10-15 minute reading with Jorianne. I dutifully brought the 5 pictures and Jorianne said to show her each in turn. I was not to identify the people in the pictures as I showed them to Jorianne. She instead told me who each one was. The first was my mother, and honestly, I was not that impressed when Jorianne identified her because I look a younger version of my mom. The second was my husband, and again, take away the mustache and beard, we've been together so long, we look more like siblings than spouses. It didn't seem to stretch to guess that the picture was that of my husband. The third was my boss (a lawyer), and Jorianne said, he is very important in his profession and will someday be president. Well, no-I didn't work for Obama, but my boss did become president years later of two local bar associations! The fourth was of my niece, and Jorianne pegged her perfectly, and identified her as my niece (not my daughter, which would have been a good guess). The last was of my best friend. When Jorianne saw the picture she said, "Why did you bring this picture? you were suppose to bring photos of people close to you, this person is nothing to you". I was shocked. This was my best friend (I thought). Jorianne was adamant that the person in the photo was no friend to me. The next day I shared the party report with my mom, including Jorianne's photo analysis. My mom was quiet for a moment and then said, "When will you learn that she (the person in the 5th photo), is not your friend, I've been trying to tell you for years." From that point forward I was more vigilant about my alleged best friend, and not too long after my reading with Jorianne, the evidence of my friend's true nature was too hard to ignore. I can't say I am happy to have lost a friend, but, as my mom said back then, you can't lose something you didn't have in the first place.

Mother's Day weekend 2011 seemed to be a good opportunity for a "chick party", and I invited all my "daughters" (younger girlfriends) to a phone psychic party with Jorianne the Coffee Psychic. Each girl had an 8 to 10 minute reading with Jorianne in a private room at my apartment. I set up the room with candles and a window where they could peer out into the beautiful night sky while Jorianne answered their questions regarding careers, love life, an children. Meanwhile, as each girl came out of their reading, the rest of us got to hear what Jorianne foretold. Each girl, without exception, came out and said WOW! That was great! , as she shared what Jorianne said. My reading was last, and I, like the rest of my "daughters", was not disappointed. Jorianne correctly identified some issues I was having at work and confirmed that I was happy in my marriage and friendships. Three of us from the party were so psyched (excuse the pun!), that we made appointments over the summer to meet with Jorianne at there office for more in-depth readings.

Leisa Braband

In July of 2001 I had a reading by you. Normally, I'm hoping to hear things about love and money, etc.... It wasn't the case that time. You told me that I needed to leave the US. I said you want me to leave the domestic US? You said I need to go overseas and get out of the US. I asked why? You said; 'because Martha, you wont be able to handle what's going to happen. The conversation was unsettling and scary to me, as I heard the urgency in your voice. I told you not to worry because I was going to Greece later that year anyway. You told me good, go. 

I happened to have booked my ticket for Greece on Sept. 10th, and I was in the air between France and Athens when 911 hit. The news camera crew was outside Athens airport when I arrived and I asked one of the employees what was going on. He proceeded to tell me that there was a terrorist attack in New York. I immediately got chills and thought of your reading. I'm a massage therapist in a northshore spa of Chicago. Many of my clients and their children lost their lives that day from working in the World Trade center or running businesses out of those towers. My business barely existed for approx. one month. I was completely sheltered from the whole emotional disaster by being in Greece for 16 days; the exact amount of time the airports were closed. The airports reopened the day before my departure. Talk about TIMING.

I met Jorianne about 17 years ago at a “house party”, I was blown away with the first reading. She did readings for all my high school girlfriends, her readings were so accurate! Many of the things the ladies were told did all come true.

A few years later I was so excited to meet with Jorianne again through contacts at work for another “ house party”. This reading was amazing, my friend’s mother came through and you could also her it on the audio tape when I got home later that night. Many of the reading she did had very accurate information given during those readings.

My third reading was at Jorianne’s home, my close family friend had passed and he came through asking me to do him a favor. He wanted me to give his kids a red rose and his wife a white rose. When I asked her what the white rose meant she told me that is what she carried on her wedding day. He also made reference to his feet and Jorianne and I had no idea what it meant but when his daughter listened to the tape she told me what the joke was, it was hysterical!

Jorianne also told me I would meet an amazing man some day, let me tell you I had not met any amazing men in my life at that point. Oh my God was she right, I met him 2 years later. She also told me when I got pregnant I would be huge, like a beach ball in my belly…..No lie, I was like a house. My daughter weighed in at 9 pounds 12 ounces, 5 years after my reading.

I just had my fourth reading and it again was very accurate. I am to see what happens from this time until the future. My dog (soul mate) came through this reading, I knew he would and Jorianne touched my heart with this reading.

Having a reading with Jorianne is amazing and is something you can’t believe until you meet with her. She is truly gifted and blessed!


Christine Delapp

Hi Jorianne,

I came in with my sister a few months ago. I wanted to tell you that 
you were right about so many things!!!!! You said that my husband 
would be getting a big promotion or new job--- and he did!!! A job 
that we weren't even aware of yet at his current employer. You also 
said that you didn't see me working, and I have been able to quit my 
job and stay at home again with my boys. Thank you so much!!!

Jennifer Carney


I've seen you at four house parties and spoke to you once on the phone since 2003. EVERYTHING you told me has come true with the exception of two predictions yet to come! It's all about timing I believe. Your knowledge of specifics is tremendous, even giving names. You truly enlighten other people. In the past twenty years I've seen two other psychics prior to you, neither of which could hold a match let alone a candle to you (no pun intended!).  Thank you for sharing your blessing with myself & others.

Sincerely, Daphne

Hi Jorianne -

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly gifted you are...you're truly the best! Your readings have been nothing short of astonishing. I have consulted with others in the past, but your readings have been more accurate than any other. From the very beginning you were able to see things about me and my life...Things that only i knew...During our first conversation, you told me that my father, who had recently passed, wanted you to wish his Princess a Happy Birthday! I was incredibly speechless as you didn't know my father had passed away nor were you aware that it was my birthday. I still have chills!! It's amazing; I am now seeing things I never saw when you were talking to me. I never thought all of this would be happening. I kept an open mind and an open heart and now, doors are opening for me as I never thought would. You're truly incredible!! The best!! Looking forward to speaking with you very shortly!

Thank you!! Best regards,

Shayna  :-)
Jan-20-2010, San Diego, CA

I have some feedback for you…Jorianne, I sat down in front of you 14 years ago at another house party. I had just given birth 4 days prior to my 5th child, a little girl. I asked you if you saw me having another child…

You said I don’t know …but I see you having 8 children, and I laughed at you because I only wanted one more child. My next pregnancy I gave birth to triplet boys. You made me a believer!

House Party, Frankfort, IL



I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me last night. I really have to say I was awed by the fact that you zeroed in so quickly and accurately on my situation with Mark. I do want to tell you that you pegged him completely. I would love to explore the Sunday Séance, and plan on attending and I would like more direction into my future.

Thanks again, Janie

Hi Jorianne:

We’ve booked parties from you for the past 4 years and have even come to your house for readings. You’ve told me during one of my readings that I would find my true love and you even gave me his first initial. And, of course, you were absolutely correct! I am very happily engaged to a man who has surpassed all my expectations of a partner in this lifetime. Because you had given this information to me 4 years prior to physically meeting him, I was better able to hold off and wait for this wonderful man to appear into my life. If not for your psychic gifts and abilities, I would not have held out so long for meeting the right man – your guidance helped so much.

Much love and light to you and yours,



My name is Barry, and once upon a time you performed a reading for me when you were a guest on the Jonathon Brandmeier radio show in Chicago. I was a phone listener who somehow managed to get through.

My question to you was a simple one. At the time, I was applying to medical school and had yet to know my fate. I asked if I would get in and if this was my proper life course. You told me that I would and that this was truly my calling and path.

I was accepted to the University of Illinois College of Medicine and will be graduating in May ’04. Interestingly you also asked about the 2 women in my life. A subject that for most men would indeed be a bit uncomfortable, but I was excited as well.

I thought you were referring to my wife and sister-in-law who is very woven into our life. You said that this was a possibility, but you were not sure that was it. Of course, the radio personalities made every reference to cheating and threesomes that they could think up in a short notice situation, but you held your ground. I thought I might now shed some light on the 2 women in my life.

My second daughter will be two this January and my first daughter is now 4. I am most certain that this is what you were referring to, as neither was born at the time we spoke. They are indeed the 2 women in my life, and I would not have it any other way.

Your predictions were right on and have made a devoted skeptic into a reformed believer. As a student of science we are taught to believe what we can feel, touch, manipulate and measure. That which lies outside of that is for those without reason. This is no longer my opinion. I hope you continue to use your gifts to open more eyes as you have opened mine. If ever I may return the kindness you have shown me, please do not hesitate to ask.

My thanks,


Jorianne, I was one of your clients this Saturday. At the reading you told me that my deceased son was giving me a white rose and wishing me Happy Birthday. I have to tell you that this morning one of my co-workers brought me a white rose corsage for no reason, she just had a thought to give me the corsage. If you remember, I’m not the feminine flower type, so it’s strange that someone thought to give me a white rose.


I just wanted to tell you that everything you told me this morning, I either wanted to do or I had already done. I think that that was the most freaked out I had ever been!


In our first conversation you kept seeing me in Mexico, I think I must have asked you more than once – do you think New Mexico – and not Mexico? Today, almost 2 years later I am working on a project in Mexico and my heart and soul is there with the man you spoke about (a previous love from 20 years before). You also mentioned a pregnancy, only to find out that my daughter, who has brain tumors (and cannot have children) was pregnant!


My first experience with Jorianne was Jan ‘07 at our company kickoff. I had never been to a psychic before, and thought, “it doesn’t cost me anything, why not give it a shot”. Take it all in stride. As I waited to meet with her, another co-worker walked away from her baffled. Apparently she read him dead on. I thought, ok, time to try it.

The moment I sat down she told me I had a tall dark handsome husband that loves me very much and two beautiful little girls. Shock #1- I did not have on my wedding ring at the time of the reading, and I have two twin girls, how would she have known? Next, she told me I just started a new job and I loved it more than anything I had ever done. Shock #2- I had started my new job two months prior and absolutely loved it. She said I was thinking about having more kids in 3-5 years. Shock #3- Those were my exact words to my husband a few weeks prior to my reading. Then she told me- You are also thinking of buying a new house in that 3-5 years. Again, my EXACT words from a conversation with my husband just DAYS before I saw Jorianne. I don’t remember too much about the rest of the reading, but it was enough to convince me that when a friend of mine had her own psychic party, I was definitely attending.

Fast forward to June of this year. At my second reading, Jorianne told me that I was helping out someone older, and they were living in my basement or guest house. Shock #4- My father in law was living in our basement to help get him back on his feet. She told me I am very intelligent (good to know), and I needed to find a way to express my intellectuality. I have a gift and I need to channel it in some way. Shock #5- I just recently opened an internet store (not even thinking about her reading, just because I felt called to make a difference) and I donate half of my profits to charity, and everyone has loved it! In two weeks I’ve made over $80 in profits. She told me I cheated death recently. I was in some type of accident or very close to having one (which BOTH are true, I had an accident a month before the reading, and was almost wiped out by a car on my way home the Friday before the reading), and she said it was going to be the end of my life, but I was spared. She also told me I have psychic ability, I just don't know it yet. And the dead are definitely watching over me. Within days of her reading strange things began to happen, that no one believes me about. Lights would come on by themselves, I would hear footsteps in my house on the stairs, and I would swear I would see dark shadows on those same stairs at night. I had experiences in the past, but blew them off as my mind playing tricks on me.

I am going again in Dec to another Jorianne psychic party and can hardly wait. I hope to ask her if she knows who my spirits are (someone I know who’s passed or someone completely unknown to me), and if what I keep encountering is them trying to contact me in some way. I think anyone who goes to her would be a believer when they leave. I watched as several people came in with “this is bogus, but I’ll try it” attitude, and walk out of the room with an “Oh my god, how’d she do that?” look on their face.

Jorianne, you are definitely a breath of fresh air and true asset to your peers. Thank you!

Deborah Parker

Jorianne is the real deal!  She provides a helpful combination of verifiable "hits" and sound life advice or reassurance to go with.  During my reading she told me several things she had no way of knowing.  For example, she asked who had the breast cancer... that was me.  She told me there was a very negative woman around me... that was my adult daughter who lives with me and who has recently gone off her anti-depressant and is struggling with extreme constant negativity.  She told me that she felt a lot of "history" when I brought up a new love interest... he and I knew each other in high school and in our 20's and now have been reunited after more than 20 years apart.  But while the clear "hits" give her credibility, it is the help with difficult life decisions that makes Jorianne worth her weight in gold.  She gave me a clear sense of direction with a very difficult life choice, and gave me great peace of mind in the process.  You won't be disappointed.  

Lisa, Madison, Wisconsin.

I recently had a Past Life Regression with Jorianne and it was absolutely amazing! Jorianne did a wonderful job explaining the process to me, answering my questions and making me feel comfortable. I learned many things about myself and the previous lives I've lived. Its very interesting how things from a previous life can follow you into your current life. Thank you Jorianne for helping me make sense of certain things. 

Sincerely, M. Novak

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